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1:  Do you sell T-Shirts  or  Cans  ?

Yes, sort of.  I periodically have some shirts made through a local screen printer.  I have used them primarily as gifts for interested friends and family.  Just drop us a note if you think you might be interested, and I'll let you know what I still have around.  The cans are new and EMPTY one quart paint cans from the local hardware store, but with a slick new label.  We can be reached at

2:  Is "Adipocere" a real word?  I can't find it in the dictionary.

Yes.  It is a real word, but not one that you are likely to encounter in ordinary conversation.  Smaller dictionaries may not even list it.

ad i  po cere, n.[Fr. adipocire; L.adeps(adip), fat and cera, wax.] a fatty or waxy substance of a light brown color  into which the muscular fibers of dead animal      bodies are converted by long exposure to moisture.

3:  Why are you interested in something so morbid?

Well, the short answer is. . .  "I'm not that interested."  I contend that the world needs serious web sites about adipocere just about as much as it needs a joke site.  I elected that it would be far more entertaining and whimsical to supply the latter version.

4:  What gave you the idea?  Where did you first learn about adipocere?

About 15 years ago, when I was in college, my Aunt Gail sent me a care package around Easter time.  She had apparently encountered  the word in some literature she was reading. This prompted her to pen the Legend  and  the Logo.  She then created a new label for a can of Crisco shortening,  added some old chicken bones inside, and sent it to me without any explanation.  I thought (and still do think) that it was a pretty creative gift.  I still have her original can.

5:  Do you sell actual human flesh in a can?

Umm. . . Mercifully No. Stop asking this.

6:  I'm looking for the recording  label, Adipocere Records. How do I find them?

Go to

7:  Do you ever get any hate mail?

No, but I wish I would.  Hate mail is the best, because people write it from emotion, rather than rationalism.   If I had hate mail, I would definitely be posting it on the web site.

8:  Can you really eat Adipocere?

I think I'm going to have to say "NO!" on this one.  I have difficulty imagining that the consumption of human decomposition byproducts could be even remotely beneficial. The possibilities of disease transfer are just too high, to say the least.

9:  Did colonial America really subsist upon the remains of their dead in this manner?

I am aware of no literature describing this.  Although, cannibalism under duress is probably more common than conventional history curricula are comfortable acknowledging.

Incidentally, there is a  song about the Donner Party (one of the most infamous cases of cannibalism in US history) performed by Alkaline Trio. It is sung from the perspective of those who were eaten.

10:  Who is Spooky Martin?

He is the creation of my Uncle David.  Spooky is the host of a Twilight Zone-like homage entitled "The Tales of the TV Dinner".  You can visit the Waffle Productions web site  from the link at the bottom of this page and order a copy of the film.

11:  Are the credit cards and names for real?

The forms do not take data, and the credit card links and names are figments of my imagination.  Who would name their child Magenta Colorado?  (A  friend  concluded that it might be great name  for a porn star, though.)

With special thanks to Gail for an absolutely unforgettable gift back in 1990.

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