We were recently fortunate enough to have a reader submit the following tune about ADIPOCERE.  This infectious folk melody was sung nightly by this contributor's grandfather at bedtime when they spent their summers on his farm in Illinois.

Adipocere Tune in .MP3, 103K

Adipocere Tune in .WAV, 600K

For those of you who may be surfing from work, and your IT department does not allow downloads of multimedia files. . .  Just RIGHT-CLICK on the following link, save the file locally, and then rename it to Adipocere.MP3

Adipocere Tune For Download and Renaming

Adipocere, sweet balm of the swamp, let not the embalmer foul thy subtle constitution.

author unknown, c.1672.

There once was a man from Niger
Who wouldn't eat ADIPOCERE
Left his family forlorn
Enduring much scorn
So they ate him the  following year.

Wilbur McCallister, c. 1790

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